Welcome to Wonka. Wonka is a server purchased from COCD funds to provide services to the Linux User Group, Mac User Group, Windows Video Game Collective, the Hampshire Community, and the Five College Community.

Wonka is an Athlon 650, with 384 MB of RAM, and 150 GB of drive space.

Wonka was purchased to provide the LUG, MUG, and WVGC a place to offer services to their members. Additionally upon request, accounts and services will be given to individuals and groups. Listed below are Wonka’s current and near future services:

The purchase and administration of Wonka was decided upon by two members from the MUG, LUG, and WVGC. Two members from each group will be responsible for requesting and/or implementing services on the server. If the member is knowledgable and capable of adminstration they will first consult other members to discuss the proposed change. The change will then be made. If a member is not knowledgable enough to make a change, for example, if a Windows Video Game Collective or Mac User Group member doesn't know Linux, which is the operating system wonka uses, then that member can request to have a service or change made.

Requesting Wonka Services
Services requested by other individuals or groups should be sent to root@wonka.hampshire.edu You will receive a response as soon as possible.

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